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Earth Green Initiative By Fortune Systems LLP

Earth Green Initiative By Fortune Systems LLP

"Connecting with nature means to connect with ourselves. If we do so, we nurture a better planet" - Narendra Modi

Universally, trees have been known as an important part of urban landscapes for millennia, since they offer adequate benefits to humanity.

Trees are vital for human life because they offer a varied range of resources such as absorbing carbon or acting as carbon sink, generating oxygen which is important for life’s existence on earth, so they are also known as earth lung, aiding to regulate hydrological cycle, world’s climatic condition, water purification, providing habitat to wildlife, decreasing global warming, absorbing poisonous gases and noise, reducing pollution, preserving soil, and mitigating natural threats like floods and landslides.

This World Environment Day, Fortune Systems LLP takes a step further towards cementing its commitment to sustainability by initiating conversations around our biggest fears about the environment. The campaign focuses on the adverse effects of air pollution and how it affects everything around us – from heritage monuments and wildlife to human health and flora & fauna.

At Vansol and Ajarpura both the locations, activity of plantation was carried out by Directors and Employees in near the farms premises to add a green cover. Our Directors underlined the significance of environment and motivated everyone present to take environment friendly action by planting saplings and to ensure the survival of these saplings.

The celebrations concluded with a commitment to protect the wildlife and the environment.

When Food is a Big Problems

When Food is a Big Problems

"There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread" - Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes, the poor family members do not get food to eat for one time a day or even whole day without food, which is the basic necessity as they are always looking for to survive. As India enters the Second Wave, our hearts go out to all those Indians who depend on daily wages for their next meal.

In an attempt to reach out to the local populace in charotar region and to help them, Fortune Systems LLP had organized a program to distribute huge quantity of essential items like blankets, shoes, shirts, foods and Groceries at Pansora Village on our company's 10th anniversary.

Our Clothes' donation drive is exclusively meant for the children and adults living near roads, under flyovers, and in Almshouse, and we successfully reach to near 50 people.

Staff members of Fortune Systems LLP presented at our destination place Pansora village by distributing free meals to poor people. We must mention here that the food is cooked in the morning around 10am and is ready to be served to people within 1 hour. As a responsible company, we have amplified our efforts to ensure that we overcome this global crisis together.

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