Material Management Product ERP Modules

The Material Management module offered by “SolutionOne

Module offers to maintain materials technical & non technical data bank and its usage at company level. It helps to get associated with other modules logical integration for the entire process behavior mechanism.

It also maintains the records of manufactured Products / Assembly / Sub-assembly / Components multi level BOM data for the inventory plans and production planning along with the revisions in the BOM. A Bill of materials is an extensive list of raw materials, components, and assemblies required to construct, manufacture, or repair a product or service. A bill of materials usually appears in a hierarchical format, with the highest level displaying the finished product and the bottom level showing individual components and materials. Every line of the bill of materials includes the product code, part name, part number, part revision, description, quantity, unit of measure, size, length, weight and specifications or features of the product.

Major Functionalities of Material Management are following,

  • Item Generation (Regular / Service / Project / Scrap / Logical) with multi parameter definition.
  • Item Level Batch / Serial Number / Warranty / Expiry Flag
  • Back-flush concept
  • BOM Amendment with revision history details
  • Alternate Materials concept
  • Material’s technical data inputs facility
  • Related Reports & Information

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